Conceicao Makes History With Gold

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     Sofiane Oumiha of France entered the arena to the jeers of the  Brazilian crowd who had flooded the arena in support of their home boxer, Robson Conceicao, to encourage him towards a first Olympic boxing gold medal for Brazil.

As the first bell rang, both fighters met in the middle of the ring and traded swift rapier like jabs to begin the bout. The crowd was already in a carnival atmosphere, cheering every twitch Conceicao’s body in the opening moments of the Men’s Lightweight Olympic Final. The Brazilian was keen to work off the front foot throwing hard straight leather toward the razor sharp Frenchmen, who aimed at countering with left hooks and straight punches of his own. The Brazilian instead found several good punches towards the end of the round and successfully evaded the returns that came from Oumiha, to the adoration and applause of the home support in the arena as the bell ended the first round. The judges scored it 10-9 in favour of the Brazilian as the crowd echoed their appreciation.

The rapturous atmosphere continued as both fighters resumed their positions in the centre of the ring for the second round. Conceicao worked behind his left jab keeping the long Oumiha at bay before connecting with a solid overhand right that was met with a heightening of the decibels in the arena. The two boxers began a short but ferocious exchange shortly afterwards, trading hooks with one another at incredible speed. The Frenchman was unable to land with the same accuracy as his opponent who was beginning to have more recurring success with the right hand.

Conceicao had found inspiration, darting into range of his opponent to land a precision 1-2 combination and darting back out before he could be tagged. A left jab in the final thirty seconds of the round knocked Oumiha off balance and he touched both gloves to the canvas, but the referee ruled it a slip and continued the action. At the end of the round the crowd cheered more support for their man who was know only one three minute round away from winning an Olympic Gold on home soil. The judges scored it again in the Brazilians favour.

The third and final round started with Conceicao holding his right glove up to the roof of the arena as the noise in the arena rose to meet it. The Brazilian kept a high guard as Oumiha tried to force the action with hooks and straight punches but could not find a home for them. Conceicao still feeling inspired ducked and weaved away from the punches and countered with hooks of his own which by contrast found their mark. By the final moments of the stanza, Oumiha was unable to bring the Brazilian to action, who was now gliding around the ring towards his country’s first ever Olympic Gold in boxing.

His intelligent display had kept the talented European Silver Medallist at bay for three rounds and it looked to be wrapped up for the Brazilian. The crowd counted down the final seconds in unison before bursting into a cacophony of sound as they applauded their history making fighter who would occupy the first place podium for Brazil. A unanimous decision victory was awarded to Robson Conceicao of Brazil who takes home the Gold Medal in the Lightweight division.

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