Yeleussinov Boxes Complete Performance to Win Gold

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     Kazakhstan aimed at continuing their dominance of the Olympic Welterweight competition with Daniyar Yeleussinov going up against a tough and highly skilled Uzbek who was looking to become his nation’s first gold medallist in the division and continue the Olympic boxing success they had enjoyed so far.

As the final bout of the Welterweight competition began, the Uzbek Shakhram Giyasov started the fight on the front foot as his southpaw, world championship silver medallist opponent, Daniyar Yeleussinov of Kazakhstan boxed with great efficiency and effectiveness on the back foot. Giyasov, a highly accurate puncher himself applied pressure with is feet but could not pin down the Kazakh who was bending at the waist to evade the swift combinations coming his way, before firing back counters of his own and pivoting away. Round one was awarded by the judges to Yeleussinov across the board to the sound of beating drums and a carnival atmosphere within the arena, as both sets of fans competed to see who could cheer on their man the loudest.

As in the first, the second started with the quick jab and long left hand of the Kazakh stamping the face of the Uzbek repeatedly, who could not reply with punches of his own in the same manner. Giyasov was unable to land effectively against the fleet footed opponent who continued to dance left and right around the ring. He momentarily dropped his arms, gesturing the Kazakh towards him in frustration and was warned to defend himself more appropriately by the referee. Yeleussinov did not play ball and instead continuing with his successful counter punching style, and with one point up already confidently ducked and weaved away from punches before countering with hooks and straights of his own. Round two was unanimous for the Kazakh who now had put one foot on the gold medal podium and was if all things remained the same three minutes from winning the competition.

Giyasov fought the final round frustrated, frantically throwing punches wildly, as Kazakh elected to stand in front of his opponent for the first time in the three rounds and making him miss, countering the wild punches coming his way with short punches that scored well. As they stood toe to toe in an exchange, the mouthpiece of the Uzbek was dislodged and had to be re-inserted by his corner who with urgency gestured for him to step up the pressure one last time.

With one minute to go in the final, The Kazakh remained still standing in front of his opponent, showing he could fight as well in the preferred territory of Giyasov as well as he could fight in his own. He moved his head with skill weaving between punches and displaying a complete performance of ring generalship, defence and attack over the three rounds. There could be little doubt who would win the bout as the final bell rang.

The judges scored it for the winner by unanimous decision, Daniyar Yeleussinov of Kazakhstan who continues his nation’s dominance of the welterweight division with his gold medal victory as they annexed the title away for another four years.

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